Irvin Glassman Young Investigator Lecture

This award recognizes a young investigator within seven years of their Ph.D. or in their first five years of a tenure-track faculty appointment. The awardee gives an invited lecture at the Fall Eastern States Technical Meeting. 

Wenting Sun

The Effect of Ozone Addition on Combustion: What We Know and What We Don’t


Jacqueline O'Connor

Use of Advanced Fuel Injection Strategies for Emissions Reduction in Diesel Engines

Pennsylvania State University


Tanvir Farouk

Droplet Combustion: "Cool Flames" in Space? 

University of South Carolina 


Tianfeng Lu

Chemical Explosive Mode Analysis for Computational Flame Diagnostics with Detailed Chemical Kinetics

University of Connecticut


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George H. Markstein Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the best paper based on the final extended abstracts submitted to the Eastern States Technical Meeting. 


Miad Karimi, Bradley Ochs, Wenting Sun, and Devesh Ranjan
Georgia Institute of Technology

Measurement of Methane Autoignition Delays in a Shock Tube under Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Conditions


Sheng Yang, Abhishek Saha, Wenkai Liang, Fujia Wu and Chung K. Law
Princeton University

Extreme facilitation of flame propagation by turbulence through differential diffusion


Kathryn R. Gosselin, William F. Carnell, Jr., and Michael W. Renfro
University of Connecticut

Formaldehyde fluorescence as a marker for scalar dissipation through local extinction


Fujia Wu, Andrew P. Kelley and Chung K. Law
Princeton University

Laminar flame speeds of cyclohexane and mono-alkylated cyclohexanes at elevated pressures


Charles P. Fenimore Best Student Presentation

This award recognizes the best student presentation at the Eastern States Technical meeting based on nominations from session chairs. 


Jay A. Lefkowitz
Rowan University

Fuel Distillation Affects Spray Flame Blowout Thresholds

Advisor: Francis M. Haas


Lara Backer
Cornell University

Numerical investigation into the auto-ignition of a multicomponent fuel spray

Advisor: Perrine Pepiot


Jeffrey Santner
Princeton University

Evaluation of thermal radiation effects on apparent propagation rates of high pressure spherical flames

Advisor: Yiguang Ju


Nicole J. Labbe
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Reaction kinetics for TMEDA combustion with red fuming nitric acid

Advisor: Phillip R. Westmoreland, North Carolina State University

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